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Anatomy and Physiology
Lab Simulations

This section features free, open-source virtual lab exercises. Most of our simulations are intended as alternatives for in-person activities that can no longer be offered due to health concerns and cost constraints.

Even though the exercises are performed on a computer, they are designed to promote critical thinking and active learning. Students execute test procedures using prompted animations and touch-controlled activities. While interpreting the test results, students also practice their analytic and decisions making skills.

Teachers can also use our simulations to flip classrooms, promote independent learning, or supplement other classroom assignments. Because our exercise narratives, images, animations, and activities are open-source, teachers can make modifications and create new lessons.

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Currently Available

Virtual Labs for
Anatomy and Physiology

Circulatory System

Blood Labs

Hematocrit Lab Simulation

An exercise to measure the percentage of red blood cells in whole blood.

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Hematocrit lab simulation

Blood Typing Lab Simulation

An exercise to determine the presence of red blood cell surface antigens using the slide method.

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Blood typing lab simulation

Cardiac Labs

* Recently Updated

Cardiac Cycle Simulation

A guided interactive exploration of the phases and events that occur during each heartbeat.

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Cardiac cycle simulation

Urinary System

Renal Labs

Urinalysis Lab Simulation

An exercise to determine urine’s macroscopic, chemical, and microscopic properties.

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