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Anatomy and Physiology


This section contains open-source animations that show biological structures and activities in motion. These free animations can enhance student learning in various ways.

  • They break down complicated concepts and processes into smaller steps that make them easier to comprehend. 
  • They help students visualize the relationship between structures and their functions.
  • They make learning fun and engaging, allowing students to stay motivated and interested in the material. 
  • They can help students focus on the information. Students watching an animation are likelier to pay attention to the key points because they are visually engaging.
  • They help students remember the information longer. When students repeatedly watch an animation, it helps reinforce their understanding of the material.
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Currently Available Animations

Introductory Topics

How Oxygen Supports Life

This page contains animations that show cells producing the energy storage molecule ATP using oxygen.

Hematocrit lab simulation

Circulatory System

Cardiac Cycle

This page contains animations that show the phases and events involved in each heartbeat.

Hematocrit lab simulation

Urinary System

Kidney Blood Supply

This page contains animations showing the sequence of vessels that carry blood into, within, and out of the kidneys.

Hematocrit lab simulation